The Ukraine situation is getting worse, Putin is trying to occupy the Crimea by force, which causes the global market violate. Money starts rushing to safe heaven like CHF and JPY, the U.S 10 years bond’s price surges, the yield tumbled to 2.57% at the same time. This news is bad for the U.S dollars because it increases uncertainty to the recovery of American economy, especially the bad weather has caused big trouble for the economic data in the recent three months.

The winner is British pounds and the loser is Canadian looney. Winner still gains and the loser keeps losing.
In this week several big report will be released, including the Australian Bank interest rate, European Central Bank interest rate and the Britain bank interest rate. The market is expecting the ECB to rate cut, so we will watch that news, besides of this, the whole market is untradeable under the sideways quiet condition, it will keep oscillating unless US dollar index break 78 or 81.5.


Author: Wei Wu

我曾在一家资产管理公司担任量化研究的工作, 结合自己的金融,数理,IT知识负责期货高频统计套利和股票智能投资顾问股票策略的开发。 我5年前进入金融行业,后到美国进修MBA学位,主攻金融方向,毕业后到Bloomberg工作,工作范围为债券数据分析与处理,同时怀着对量化研究的兴趣,申请了美国顶尖金融工程项目--Baruch College,学习到了扎实的金融工程实践知识。 回国后在某私募基金做量化分析师,参与设计开发量化基金产品所需要的数据库和交易系统,海外ETF股票智能投资顾问。

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